Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Ire of a Liberal

I am genuinely appalled at how badly built the social safety net is built in our country. People have zero compassion for people that are less fortunate. I'm so sick and tired of people saying "it's not my problem, or, I don't want to pay this, or they're just a bunch of freeloaders." No, if you say crap like that, you are a freakin' terrible person and you have no heart. If you think that people on welfare WANT to be on welfare, you're ignorant or just plain uninformed about anything. The most successful nation on Earth can't keep people housed, fed, and sheltered because we have too many freakin' greedy, corrupt, and plain heartless people. If jobs were abundant, housing cheap, and incomes at reasonable levels instead of what they were...and corporate bosses that were actual human beings, we'd have a much kinder society. But in a society where someone makes 30 million dollars for being FIRED, or stockholders liquidate their employees' pensions due to bankruptcy, or corporations and rich people buy Republicans to pass tax cuts and subsidies for them and tax breaks for them, I'm sorry, but, I call horse-S**T. It's time that Americans wake up. The social safety net will be rebuilt to truly help those that cannot help themselves. Many of us are spoiled, many of us have families, but there are thousands of people across the country that did nothing wrong and that are still homeless, underemployed, starving, and other bull of that nature. It's been proven over and over that charity is too inconsistent to maintain a social safety net of it's own. Being dependent on people's generosity is not sufficient to bring people out of homelessness and into lower-middle-class. Regularity and consistency is what is necessary to build up a person's stability. If you don't like the safety net, move somewhere else where you can be greedy and heartless

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