Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christianity and Realizations

It takes as much faith to be an atheist as it does to be Christian or any other religion for that matter. Here's whats not logical to me. Atheists believe there can be no god because you cannot (in their view) perceive God with all 5 senses. But here's the flaw in their logic. God is a super-natural being, so why would you be able to with all 5... Read More senses in the first place. To propose that you can only perceive God all 5 senses is not logical. To perceive a Super-natural being through natural means does not make sense. So, faith walks into the picture where we perceive God because not of what he looks, tastes, feels, smells, or sounds like. We perceive God because he makes life complete for every Christian, and it is through our example and every day living that people see that. Never condemning people, never judging people, just living to serve people, standing ready to pick them up when they stumble and be a friend, comrade, and shoulder. Our best witness is to live our every day life as Christ did. Never shoving our beliefs down peoples' throats, condemning them of their sin, or judging their actions, as we are not qualified judges to do so. There is always a context, a reason, and motive that we are unaware of and unable to perceive. 

To those of you who are on my friends' list who have been wronged by selif-righteous Christians, All I want to say is that is not what Christ had in mind for anyone is this world. It is for no man to judge your actions. 

Christianity is not a religion, its not a society, it is an individual walk of life for a single person. Church is designed to bring those people together where they can share their individual glories and triumphs in their life, and give Glory to God for those triumphs. Where they can come together for causes and missions that serve the common good: Serving man as Christ did. 

It is deeply painful for me when I personally meet people who have told me "yah, i used to be a Christian, then this happened, or that happened to me, or this person hurt me....etc etc." I say in the back of my head "Thats not the way it should be, never that way." So those of you who were hurt by Christians, I want to ask your forgiveness that my way of life was used as a means of hurting you. That you were ostracized as a person because of who you are/were, had a view that you didn't agree on, because you are/were gay or bi or a lesbian, because someone used Christianity to further their own selfish goals and you fell victim to it. Their judgment will come and justice will be yours. The Lord has a way of bringing things around full circle on those who are unjust to others. If there was one thing that the Lord ALWAYS delivered on, was being just to those who were taken advantage of, abused, or hurt deeply. He has a way of helping you deal with that pain, and bringing peace to your life.

Christianity isn't a "go to church" event, or even a social event. Its a daily transformation that takes work, effort, discipline, and a conscience desire to change the way you think, behave, and react instinctively. The Bible is not a rulebook full of boring rules and stuffy traditions. Its a guide filled with actions and feelings that you should already be feeling, impulses you should already be wanting to act on, and ideas that you should be discovering. The idea is that you follow Christ, these things should already be happening. 

On a final note: those who claim to be Christians can be tested in a very easy way. By their fruits you shall know them. What that means is that by their actions, behavior, and way of thinking, will reveal their true person. And from there, you can decide.

Christ did not judge during his ministry, he lived, and help others live even better than he. So why should I judge if he didn't. It is the mandate of every Christ follower that they serve believers and non-believers equally if not the non-believer more so. That we should make living on this earth a bit easier for every person we come into contact with. And walk by faith as much as by walking in Christs footsteps and example.

Serve with a giving heart, and blessings pour out in abundance. Its not how much, its what heart it is done with.

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