Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Great....

The sky was bright amid the smog from the remnants of war.  The new and great city rest on the landscape.  Its walls radiant and brilliant like the sun itself, with pillars adorned with every precious gem.  Great gates at the front of the city open without an inkling of a sound, allowing me to enter.  As I walk down the path of brilliant brick, I gaze to my left and right, seeing all kinds of interesting buildings, of which I have know idea, as to the function.  Finally crowds of people lined the road, up to the throne room.  Angels of all sizes and shapes, some winged like Seraph and Cherubim, stand wing to wing, holding their trumpets.  The trumpets blast a soothing and great sound.  A figure adorned in royal purple and gold, walks down the path, to the streets where the Cherubim blast their trumpets some more.  The multitudes of people lining the street, watching the the figure of purple and gold waving his hands in adoration.  The multitudes shouting "Hosanna in the Highest."

Our Savior lives, Ladies and Gentlemen.  This is SO important to remember, because we as Christians do what we do because we want to, not because we feel forced to.  Christianity is about the day to day life you lead, not about the "going to Church, or saying the right prayer, or being there at every bake sale."  Its about motives, its about purpose, and its about doing whats right in the face of overwhelming opposition.  In every sense of our being, what Christians are called to do is incompatible with the flesh, and it fights it at every turn.  Doing unto others is alot harder than people give it credit for.  Loving thy neighbor as thyself is not a natural impulse.  Sacrificing yourself for the benefit of another is against every natural instinct known to the natural world, yet, with our beliefs, philosophy and love; we fight that natural instinct every day of our lives, in hopes that our good deeds will be seen, and our Heavenly Father will be honored, and Christ's name glorified and to him given all the glory. 

In the end, when everything is all said and done, all will bow and every tongue confess that Christ is Lord.  The angels' trumpets will point to the sky in royal accent, expressing music of adoration, Choirs of believers and angels will sing in loving joy and everlasting thanks to He who would be killed for us, was able to break the binds of death and Hades, and give the old law, the sacrifice it needed to be satisfied. 

You know whats interesting ladies and gentlemen, the scene I gave you above is not whats important though.  Whats important is that we fulfill the commission that was given to us in Acts 1, going unto all the nations baptizing those in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  But how we do it is of equal importance.  We see today, that the Churches across the nation have advertised salvation as "fire insurance" or a "get out of hell free card".  Ladies and Gentlemen, messages like that are an abomination to the very fabric of our beliefs.  The end of the journey is not what matters, the journey itself is our mission, the life we're given, our time allotted will be what we are judged by.  The little things in our daily lives give us the means to follow through with us.  See someone short a buck at the grocery store?  Give'em a buck.  Someone cuts you off...blow it off and wish them well.  Does the spirit nudge you to do things you don't normally do?  Thats our comforter, ladies and gentlemen.  That voice which gives us understanding and insight.  Prods our actions and motives.  Convicts our hearts of the things we do.  Awaken brothers and sisters in Christ, and do whats right in all your lives.  Don't be like the pharisees and sadduceies doing good works to be seen and acknowledged.  Do things in secret, anonymously, randomly, without motive for return or praise.  Do good simply to do good.  And God will shower you with more blessings than you ever imagined possible. 

Blessings upon you all who read and understand these words.  Do what is right, because it is right, and for no other reason.  Be good because you desire to be good.  Love because you desire to love.  And do nothing for your own gain, but for the benefit and gain of others.

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