Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Speech and Politics

Political bodies fear free speech, as evidenced by the fact that founders wielding great moral character instilled the right of free speech in our Constitution.  Our founders feared a totalitarian government and created checks to ensure that such an institution would never emerge. 

Free speech exposes the darkness of government, brings the cockroaches that are corrupt politicians into the light, to face the brilliance of the sun of truth. 

Free Speech is a liberty instilled to us by the Bible, in a more abstract manner.  The ability to speak the truth without fear of retaliation, to expose the evil of individuals, to stomp out those who would oppress others with threats of death or violence under the thumb of intimidation. 

Free Speech keeps thinking free of censure, that no thought is ever wrong, that no opinion is unwelcome, that no view is unsightly.  While culturally, we may find a certain point of view repugnant, an individual is legally and philosophically protected from the State's wrath. 

Free Speech is a fundamental human right.  Whether you agree or disagree with political commentators, its important to note that opposition forces keep individuals on the straight and narrow, exposing their lies, and challenging their assertions.  Both liberal and conservative commentators say things that are viewed as repugnant, wonderful, and relevant.  And all those view points contribute to the body politic and to the well-being of everyone. 

Free Speech fosters the free exchange of ideas, methods, learning, and life-lessons. 

If politicians fear free speech, then perhaps they are the ones that should never serve in public office.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone is entitled to their viewpoint.

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