Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I Live...

Jesus was known for challenging norms in the time that he lived...including the "religious establishment" who kept the Levitical Law and used it justification for treating people like crap and keeping the low at their low, and the rich and affluent on top. Jesus outright opposed the establishment and saw them for what they were: Hypocrites and liars and power-mongers. Jesus extolled the values of humanity in his ministry. He never beat someone, assaulted someone, or hurt anyone during his time (mind you I am going by the gospel account when writing this). He demanded the highest quality of character from his disciples and apostles, and taught only tolerance. Do unto others, was a very strange notion in that time, just as "forgive your neighbor 7 times 70 times (allegorically meant to mean forever or without end), and finally, taught that example and presence is a better witness to anyone than these fire and brimstone, judgmental, and empty evangelical services that worship feeling and sensation more than understanding the true nature of Christ's love.

Yes, I am a homosexual.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who has a problem with that, but, its who I am, and its what I am, and I won't be bullied, intimidated, or pushed into denying such an aspect of myself that is so beyond my ability to change.  My mission and calling in life, is to be an example to others through my actions.  I don't think sexuality factors into activities such as helping the poor, gathering food for the homeless, giving rides to random strangers, giving away something just because, or whatever else.  Because it's the motives of my heart that are judged just as much as the action itself.  Homosexuals are our neighbors, our friends, our countrymen, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and finally, made in the image of God just as everyone else is.  God has commissioned us to be caretakers of this world we use, and part of being good caretakers is being good stewards to the denizens of this world.  I call to you fellow believers in Christ to rise against hate, and train your mind and heart to love your homosexual neighbors, and to empthaize, sympathize, and show compassion, to rise up against anger, hate, and disgust.  No man or woman or child deserves to be the target of hatred, and no person has the right to do such things as well. 

So anyway, getting to the point. Thats how I live. I live for pushing Love, Tolerance, and Justice, doing unto others as I would have others do unto me (Matt 7:12), and Loving the Lord with Heart, mind, body, and soul (Matt 22:37) and Love thy neighbor as thyself (Matt 22:39). Everything else is gravy.

Nothing is greater than the Love of Christ, and all things can be overcome by trusting in him.  Blessings to you all, and may God bless you.

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