Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney's 47% remarks are loathsome.

How many of you pay no income taxes each year?  Did you know that because you pay no income tax, you are now dirt to Mitt Romney.  You're dependent on the Government, you're a waste of resources, you're not worth investing time into.  My friends, such a remark is deeply offensive to us who, through mostly no fault of our own, have to use a government program to make ends meet.  How cold can one be to say that 47% of those that pay no taxes are worth nothing?  How many of those on welfare want and wish to not be on welfare?  How many people wake up each morning go "Gee, I can't wait to get my welfare check so I can be a social leech on society."?  Yeah, not many people think like that.  If you truly do think that, then shame on you.  But, 99.9% of people one welfare are generally good people who just got into a bad rut in life.  And all they need is something to keep them treading water until they can get back into the job market.  If Romney thinks that he can marginalize a demographic that pays no taxes and uses welfare to score him political points, he's SORELY mistaken.  There are plenty of people in the bottom 47% who vote for him out of principle even though it does not represent their financial interests.

Shame on him for acting like a self-righteous opportunist, and it's time that he get that message squarely in the face.  Vote NO for Mr. Romney, and tell him his remarks are deeply inappropriate and highly offensive.

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