Friday, January 4, 2013

Why I Am A Progressive

I love you all, I value our dialogue, our discussions, and our debates. If you truly feel offended by the fact that I tout the progressive party line, then I'm sorry you're offended. However, I would hope that you understand a few things about me:

1) I have no motivation nor do I have incentive to tout any other point of view. I was the other point of view since I was 18 years old. After 16 years of secondary and post secondary education, I have concluded that the progressive political path is the correct one for our nation, and it's the one I'll fight for. If I hear arguments like "You should look at the other side's argument." Here's a news flash...I WAS the other side's argument for a very long time...hence the sharp turn left.

2) I do not trust many Republican lawmakers as far as I can throw them. They have been caught red handed with too much scandal and controversy to even be considerable to me. Election fraud from out-sourced "voting organizations", the war on women's bodies and rights, the squelching of the minorities in state legislatures, the highly offensive view against gays and lesbians, the perversion of Christianity for their own self-interests and goals, and finally the extremely unfair distribution of wealth by supporting policies that enrich their donors.

3) I strongly believe that the the fruits of labor should be shared fairly.  That employers are responsible for ensuring the well-being of his or her employees by way of benevolent acts such as fair pay, reasonable benefits, generous dispositions towards workers, and so forth.  (to borrow from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations view of Free Market Economic Theory).  

4) I am a proud and card-carrying progressive (figuratively), and I do not have any interest in entertaining the conservative viewpoint until the conservative viewpoint decides to be less totalitarian and controlling.  This doesn't mean I won't listen to your arguments...but at the same time I have been thoroughly convinced by way of people far smarter than I that the conservative viewpoint is no longer pragmatic in the here and now.

5) The world is not made of absolutes. If you try to reason in absolutes, you're willfully ignoring facts which change the circumstances, conditions, and reasons for a particular action. And if you try to reason in absolutes with me...I will likely ignore your argument, as I only deal in educated and informed arguments, backed by solid reason and grounded facts.

6) I cannot stand by and entertain anyone governing by obscure passages of the Bible as a justification for civil law.  The Bible's text is designed to enhance and enrich the spiritual life of Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, and other assorted faiths whereby the Bible is enriching.  Further, the Bible is a fantastic collection of literature, history, records, and revelation.

7) I believe that in an age of increasing uncertainty, we must begin a program of ensuring secure employment, discouraging arbitrary termination, extolling honest and fair businessmen/businesswomen, encouraging good will and fair pay, as well as time with their families.

If you cannot or do not want to deal with this...and you can't stand reading my posts...there is a nice little button up to the left part of the window that has this "Unsubscribe" thing. Or if you just can't stand me...and don't want to listen to anything I have to say...there is the "Unfriend" feature as well. I'll be sad to see you go, but, that's what it is. I am who I am, and I will not change in the near future, barring some significant life-changing event which shifts my ideology a different direction. I can walk away from fights, I can stop discussing if it get's nasty, and I can agree to disagree when required.

I wish you all well, and hope you have a long life and fruitful blessings!


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