Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being Pro-Choice is Pro-Life

I am pro-choice so others can choose whether to be pro-choice or pro-life in their own lives. The pro-choice position is about personal liberty as much as it is civil liberties. I maximize liberty in this regard so people are free choose what action is best for them without "The State" telling them what to be.

On another note...I believe unborn life is precious, but I also know that other's don't. The belief that life is precious is a religious/philosophical belief that cannot be legislated either way, as "The State" is not in the business of determining what is sacred or not. That would be a matter of of the Spirit and of the Conscience.

What is moral is not always just, and what is just is not always moral. But Christ gave us defining framework which does bring together morals and justice. In a nutshell, he told us to follow the law as it is written. He understood government is designed to dispense justice, not morals, not spirituality....justice. And justice, being blind to passion or emotion and ignorant of cultural moral norms, is there to be the cold, hard, letter of the law with logic and reasoning ruling the day.

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