Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Agenda for Progressives

There are so many items that Progressives want to see enacted to better equalize the playing field of life.  Below, I'll detail a few of the ideas that I think are quite innovative and do the best to be fair.

1) End arbitrary terminations regarding employment.

  • Many employers fire and hire at will, giving little or no notice that their workers are losing their job. So I see to end that practice by requiring a minimum of two weeks layoff notice before any termination, with obvious exceptions where there's been a legal infraction of some kind (theft, assault, etc.).
  • Employers would be required to pay a separation package of two weeks or one pay-period's worth of pay before letting an employee go.  Ending arbitrary termination would force employers to better develop their employees and better train and invest time into them to create employees that are longer lasting and better skilled.  This is especially prevalent in part time, entry level, retail or service industry jobs, where the training is light, lax, or non-existent.  
2)  Full public funding for the first two years of Post-secondary education, and significantly increased funding for Students seeking Bachelor and Masters' programs.

  • With the world continuing to become more and more competitive, the United States must take it's obligation to it's students more seriously.  Right now, the US Ranks near the bottom in Post-secondary funding, and near the top for Post-secondary cost.  
  • Students need access to funding to start, live through, and complete school.  If we are to produce graduates who can contribute to society in meaningful ways, we must, as a society invest in their education.  Students in college and university campuses all over the country face continual problems such as inadequate health care, malnutrition, insufficient access to mental health care and other similar programs, as well as stress related to paying the day-to-day bills.  
  • The first two years of Post-secondary education will provide the student an option to pursue a job skill...as many basic job skill programs are taught in two-year settings.  Jobs such as Paralegals, Accountants, Medical billing, Nursing, and other similar support jobs.  These types of jobs can provide a great amount of employability with many different organizations and entities seeking support staff.
3) Universal Health Care for all citizens regardless of income.
  • As one of the richest and most successful westernized nations, the idea that we do not have a socialized health system is somewhat surprising.  Universal Health Care would be a very big leap in the direction we need to go.  Universal Health Care would also improve efficiency  resource allocation, and ensure that all Americans never have to worry about losing healthcare again.
  • The for-fee medical care system is a dismal failure due to several functional problems. The for-fee system is highly inefficient, because insurers constantly fight about what they'll pay for with doctors instead of just paying what the doctor says is necessary.  Administrative costs, as a result, are through the roof.
  • The sick don't seek help until they're deathly ill, clogging up Emergency rooms with conditions that could have been solved simply by seeing a doctor on a semi-annual rate.  Preventive care is a stronger defense to disease and chronic illness than holding out til near-death.
  • Children especially, who do not have medical care can end up with life-long conditions which result in far more expensive medical bills than that of a healthy child growing into a healthy adult.  If Universal Healthcare is to become a reality, let it start with all children til the age of 18, or 26 for post-secondary students.
  • I've come to learn that access to health care is most definitely a necessity of our society.  It empowers and builds us up as a nation, making us competitive and maintaining a stable standard of living for the middle class and poor. 
  • Half a dozen Federal programs can be combined to pay for this system of Universal Healthcare.  No more Medicare/Medicaid, no more VA Health system, no more CHIP, no more workers compensation medical claims and no more state-funded medicaid systems which routinely run over budget.
This is a good start for our society.  Let's see if we can work together to bring it about.  Progressive social and economic policy isn't about handing out, it's about giving a hand up so that all members of society can truly progress up the social ladder.  The progressiveness of society is what will push us into the future.  A future where children don't wonder if they're going to eat, or parents don't worry what to do if they lose their job, and a future where employment is secure, safe, and stable...paying a wage that is worthy of the labor they perform.

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