Friday, November 2, 2012

Socialized Healthcare is SO Possible!

In the United States, we spend $7,126 per person on health care. In Great Britain, they spend $3,012 per person for COMPREHENSIVE health care coverage...and all have full access to all health care procedures. The NHS (National Health Service) is a fully socialized healthcare system, where all doctors, nurses and hospital workers/specialists are Government employees. Now you guys tell me, that we can't afford this? On just the Medicare budget which is about $835 Billion per year, we could pay for about 90% ($2700-ish per person)of this level of expenditure by itself. This means no tax increases, and no additional spending to cover most people.

It is an outright lie that we can't afford to care for all peoples' healthcare needs. An outright lie!

Furthermore, we could eliminate ALL the spending that states do on Medicare/Medicaid and other health insurance programs such as workers compensation health insurance...because people would be covered. The employees who work in the Healthcare industry could be absorbed into the system meaning that there would be no staffing issues. Doctors would get salaries, and be given incentives to work in the public system, grants to go to school and train and learn, and private practices would have the right to participate in this system as a Government employee.

You know why big business hates this idea?  Because it's one less object of influence to dominate you as a worker.  Your health insurance is one benefit from employers that give them power over you.  By making health care part of the commons, it becomes a public good, and therefore empowers people with their choices and decisions.  There is no profit incentive, there is no shareholder to pay, there is no corruption to extort money out of you.  It's a standardized expense, everyone has the same full coverage, and everyone has access equally.  It's an exciting prospect to think that we have the money already to implement this system.  The closest domestic model we have is the VA Medical system which is a mini-version of the NHS and the quality of care is wonderful.  The system can work very well for us, so long as we have the courage of conviction to collectively build a system for the future generations after us.

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