Friday, October 19, 2012

Wicked United for Marriage Melts Hearts

For those of you who bought tickets to the performance of Wicked at the Paramount Theater last night, you missed a great show!  The show opened with a surprise guest appearance from Governor Chris Gregoire who spoke about how the fight for supporting R-74 does not end until November 7th.  The performance was a wonderful experience with a series of intensely deep messages such as fighting to think for yourself, and to do what you believe is right.  It's a story that fights against stereotypes, embraces differences, and stirs feelings within those who feel like social outcasts, encouraging them to fight to rise above social stigmata of not conforming.  It's also a political intrigue, a comedy with over-the-top performances from GAH-linda (Glinda) and Elphaba, while also creating a touching and deeply complicated relationship between two very different individuals.  And finally it's also a love story, with a moving and passionate romance between Ms. Elphaba and the care-free Prince of the Winkies, Fiearo.  What really melted my heart more than anything was at the end of the performance, with the cast on stage in the background, the director of Zach Silk spoke to the audience about the importance of families being included in sharing the happiness and joy that marriage brings.  And how it's so important that we keep fighting to ensure that equal marriage rights are the law of the land.  If you missed Wicked United for Marriage, the cast is continuing to tour across the country and I encourage you to see the show at your first opportunity.

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