Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Absolutism is Not Reason

Ruling your viewpoints in Absolutes is like trying to assert that all text in the Bible is absolutely and completely correct in our every day life. I.E. Absurd. If you believe that politics is a black and white thing...you need to look a little deeper at the world around you. The world is not built on black and white, it's built on shades and blends of all colors. There are only a few absolutes in this world, friends...and politics aren't one of them...far from it. Every action has a reason, every circumstance a justification, and, as human beings, we're charged with using thinking and reasoning skills beyond just the simple and plain. We must look deeper within ourselves and within others to find the hard answers to lifes' challenges. Those deeper looks are honest to goodness things like prayer, discussion, listening, empathy, and diplomacy. Sure it's easy to slap a label on someone or something, call it a spade, and discard it for the next problem...but it's quite another to look deeply at a case, person, or circumstance, understand it's complexities, it's challenges, and it's reasons...and formulate an informed, fair, and reasonable position. We have problems in our societies friends, there's no question there. But how we approach those problems is quite another solution. It's up to you to inform yourself, educate yourself, and pursue truth and reason with honesty and integrity.

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