Monday, April 8, 2013

Tim Johnson Supports Marriage Equality

In the continuing trend of legislators coming out of their own marriage equality closets...Tim Johnson, Democrat of South Dakota is the latest one to support it.  In a press release on his Senate Website, Tim Johnson Stated:

"After lengthy consideration, my views have evolved sufficiently to support marriage equality legislation.  This position doesn't require any religious denomination to alter any of its tenets; it simply forbids government from discrimination regarding who can marry whom."

This issue continues to polarize the nation as the Supreme Court came out noticeably hostile to the matter of the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 from California.  Many legal scholars are confident that the both laws will likely be struck down or the overturning upheld by firm majorities on the court.  As the issue repealing DOMA and Prop 8 continues to gain popular support, many legislators continue to come out in supporting marriage equality as the next big step in civil rights, and don't want to run the risk of being left behind in the dust of history.  I suspect we will continue to see more and more legislators come out in support of Marriage Equality as time passes and hot heads cool off.

Gabriel Givens holds a Bachelor’s Degree from The Evergreen State College in Political Science and History.  You can read more of Gabriel’s work at  You can follow him on twitter @gdgivens and subscribe to him at

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