Thursday, April 11, 2013

LGBT Marriage Rights and Why

This is why Marriage rights must be expanded.  Because of situations like in Kansas City, MO.  A Missouri hospital recently removed a man from his life-partner, who each had power of attorney over each other.  The parents had him removed anyway because the hospital did not accept or understand the legal status of the two men.  At the request of the injured man's family, the spouse of this man was removed and arrested, then the court slapped the man with a restraining order, preventing him from visiting.

The universal understanding of marriage and it's commitment and obligation is why the LGBT community fights so passionately and vehemently for those rights.  No couple wants to go through a circumstance where one or another partner is denied the right to make legal decisions, to hold the hand, or comfort, talk to, or to be unable to honor his or her marriage vows of enduring together through thick or thin.  To deny any pair those fundamental human rights is akin to torture.  It's like someone's reaching into your chest, ripping your heart and soul out, and spitting on them in front of you.  It is the worst kind of pain that one could ever feel, and the most horrendous kind of cruelty that could be thrust on any pair of joined human beings.

I don't care, that you or anyone think the Bible establishes "Biblical or Natural" marriage.  IT IS NOT RELEVANT to this debate.  We are not a theocracy, we are not a religious state.  We are a secularized Representative Democracy with clear and established roles for religion in relation to state.  Either eliminate the institution entirely, or universalize it for two people.  People of faith have no right to impose their religious beliefs on the public legal institutions of our society.  Not everybody is a Christian, it's not right to force belief by the power of the law, and the law is not our grand inquisitor charged to purge unrighteousness from the land.

Marriage Rights Now!

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