Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Word of Knowledge

Prophecy is designed to reaffirm the principles and teachings of Jesus. To encourage the Body-Church, to edify and cleanse the souls of all who believe. It reaffirms our commitment to push forward and embrace the ideals of the Christ-Like existence. Prophecy isn't about predicting the future or divining someone's death. The intent of prophecy is to build up a person from where they are into something a bit more reinforced. To provide insight and inspiration into the situations of others, to utilize the spirit that has been given to us as a guide, companion, and friend which enriches us. 

Do not be fooled by those who claim the power of the spirit to further their own ends. The charlatans and the frauds who profit from clever mind play and emotional manipulation that rivals the enemy himself. Those who'd use the gifts imparted to us by our own personal abundances of passion and by the spirit, magnified within us, giving us the ability to serve, the desire to love, and the capacity to act in the name of Love, Justice, and Compassion. 

There is a disease within Christendom. That disease is perpetuated by individuals who use the message, power, and wisdom of Christ to manipulate the masses, stir up hysteria, and bring a message of hatred, loathing, intolerance, judgement, and violence against our fellow man and woman-kind. Resist the enemy's plans and words. Lean deeply on the understanding, wisdom, and message that is Jesus Christ. Question EVERYTHING, Test the Spirits, TEST ME! Read Christ's words with new zeal, passion, and a desire to understand.

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