Wednesday, June 12, 2013

State Senator Mary Lazich Is Using “Lack of Education” excuse to restrict abortion while voting for those measures which cut those requirements from WI's Sex-ed laws.

Today the Wisconsin State Senate passed SB206 requiring women to obtain an ultrasound when seeking a pregnancy termination procedure.  State Senator Mary Lazich argued fervently on the senate floor that such procedures are necessary and proper because they fully educate the woman about her body, her pregnancy, and her developing fetus…giving the mother a “last chance” moment before she proceeds with her termination.  She remarked often that patients are told “you're doing the right thing” and “it’s just a cluster of cells.” 

However, there is some severe hypocrisy regarding Ms. Lazich statements and her voting record.  While Ms. Lazich is pushing for more education about human development so that mothers can make informed decisions about their bodies, she actively opposed such education by voting for SB 237 which did the following things to Wisconsin’s Sex education framework, including removing provisions which required medically accurate information regarding topics such as pregnancy, puberty, parenting, body image, sexuality, and sexual behavior. 

Ms. Lazich has repeatedly sought to take money from public education and divert it to vouchers which further the cycle of sex education ignorance as most private religious schools teach abstinence-only education and do not properly educate women about how their bodies function.  In the 2011-2013 budget passed by the Republican-dominated House and Senate, and signed by the Administration, the Administration took $1.6 Billion dollars from public and charter school education and diverted it to vouchers for kids to attend private religious schools.  Her voting yes for AB 40, the 2011-2013 budget, we again see Ms. Lazich is using the “ignorance of women about pregnancy” excuse while at the same time gutting public education and passing archaic provisions regarding the sex education requirements and mandates which include pregnancy education; requirements that Ms. Lazich is so profoundly concerned about suddenly now that she has a chance to trample on other women’s abortion rights.

Ms. Lazich is a political opportunist who’ll take advantage of every option she has to push her regressive and oppressive agenda regarding women’s health and medicine.  Her actions today speak profoundly to her character and cold-heartedness.  In her attempt to limit women’s healthcare access, she has turned herself into a flip-flopper and has blamed, what she perceives to be, the problem on an issue that she herself has caused and further perpetuated.

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