Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bigoted Prayers are not Prayers

I am an LGBT Christian, and while I appreciate prayers as much as the next person. I like encouragement and positive reinforcement as well as sympathy and empathy. However, what I do not want is your prayers that I "get fixed" or that I "find the right girl." I do not want prayers about ridding the "evil" within me or "cleansing me of my unrighteous perversion." If you pray for me for those things...just stop...seriously. I don't want those kinds of prayers on my behalf, I don't want your prayers rooted in fear and bigotry, and I don't want your prayers about my alleged, what you view as, perversion. I am perfectly content with who I am. Nothing in this world, The Bible, or my thoroughly well-grounded understandings of scripture will convince me that I am "living in sin" because I want to spend the rest of my corporeal existence with a man. Please take your bigoted, hateful, ignorant, and thoroughly unChristian prayers, and shove them somewhere dark, dank and dreary so they rot into nothingness. Whatever happens in my life is mine to deal with. All I want is your love unconditionally...and nothing more. PERIOD. I'm growing VERY tired of walking on eggshells around people because they get upset by me talking about what is my very genuine and personal feelings about MY life. And I hate being made to feel that my feelings and desires are this facade that is influenced by Evil. I will not have my life, feelings, and experiences judged by you, or anybody else. YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED! IT IS ABOVE YOUR PAYGRADE! Christians
I've never personally been to "anti-gay" therapy, and I never will go.
who judge are like hourly supervisors flexing their pitiful excuse of an existence to make themselves feel superior. I'd rather hold out for word from a higher-level if you seek to judge me...take a long walk of a short pier, cau
se I'm done with you.

Yes, my thoughts are rather harsh, and direct, and blunt...but you know what else...I want to feel like a human being. And I do not feel like one because I fear every day that something will happen that will severely disrupt my current life

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