Monday, March 25, 2013

Gay Marriage and You

What does it mean to be "gay-married?"  Well, I hate to break it to you, but it's just as boring as your marriage likely is, except you have a partner of the same sex.  We sleep together (non-sexually and sexually both), we play together, we cry together, we scheme together, we contemplate life and existence together, we watch movies, hold hands, embrace and snuggle, we comfort each other, we console each other when we're down, and we care together.

One more important thing we do together....we LOVE together, just like hetero-couples.  Without love, no relationship can stand.  Without love, it's fraudulent...and without love, it's empty.  It's the same for both hetero and homosexual couples alike.  So tomorrow, when we hear arguments before the gang of nine justices in The US Supreme Court, remember that this is about issues that will determine our place in society.  All homosexual couples want is to be equal with our straight brothers and sisters.  We want to come to your home and have coffee, we want our kids to play with your kids and vice versa.  We want to hold hands with you in solidarity and brotherhood/sisterhood.  We want to uplift you in the bad times, and hope you'll uplift us in our bad times.  We want to commune with you in all walks of life, where seeing two men or two women together is just like seeing you and your wife or you and your husband.  We want to express our love openly, outside, in the sunlight, and not buried in a car in an alley where we have a few moments of privacy and peace.  We need to come out of those dark places where you drive us, and embrace you in love.

We want to heal centuries of wounds caused by the intolerance of our ancestors and move together as a culture, as a nation, and as humans.  The greatest words spoken: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, for this is the Law and the Prophets."  Those sacred and unique words spoken are all we ask for.  And we desire, more than everything in the entire reconciliation.  Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called "Children of God."

We want to file our taxes together, put our families on our insurances, give our estate to our children, provide survivor social security to our families, to be able to divorce if necessary, to visit each other in the hospital, make decisions for our children in emergencies, be free from harassment, be free to be us, and to be free from discrimination which is unjust, hateful, and cruel in the most serious way.

Please walk in solidarity with me, with us, with everyone who supports us, and pray, meditate, contemplate, ponder, consider, and deeply think about the matter before the court tomorrow.  Being gay is not a sin, it's not molestation, it's not dirty or wicked, or abominable or most of all, NOT demonic posession.  Its biology, it's chemistry, it's psychology.  It's a state of mind, it's a physical configuration within the brain, and it's most definitely NOT a choice.  Go ask any homosexual, and they will tell you exactly the same thing.  And if you don't believe them, then you are asserting that we all are lying or confused.  The only confusion here is yours.  The only ignorance is yours, and the only person who can change you.  So make the change and learn about a unique group of people who's minority status spans ALL cultures of humanity, and over 250 individual species of animals in this world.  The only difference between you and I like men and not women.  That's it...that's all, and that's the ONLY thing.

Blessings and love to everyone, and I wish you a very good night.

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