Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conservative Christianity Fails Christ

Gay rights is not about snuffing your right to object to homosexual relationships yourself...it's about prohibiting the right of Gays and Lesbians to engage in the public sphere w/o the fear of harassment, abuse, assault, and to engage in the civil institutions which, ideally do not discriminate against any citizen on the basis of any characteristic which is not reasonable and justified. The court will decide whether being LGBT is justified as an excuse to discriminate. Obviously I do not. However if you're a "Christian" and you assert that you don't want to serve because he's gay or her because she's Lesbian or him because he had sex with a woman that wasn't his wife or her because she had sex with someone that wasn't her husband...then you are bad...and you are bad because you are a hypocrite. 

Jesus served tax collectors, prostitutes, Gentiles, the poorest, and everyone else who desired his help. You are the expression of Christ on this Earth. As you walk day to day, proclaiming to walk as Christ walked, you have NO justification to discriminate for ANY reason WHATSOEVER! You are a hypocrite if you discriminate, you are a hypocrite if you refuse to serve, or scorn, or judge, or outright hate. There IS NO JUSTIFICATION for you when you say "I LOVE GOD" on Sunday, then go to your business and say, I HATE GAYS, GET OUT OF MY SHOP. HOW NARROW MINDED OF YOU. What a detestable display of hypocrisy that is so sour that it makes my stomach raw with irritation and and my heart ache with despair.

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