Thursday, December 24, 2015

Can you be Gay and Christian?

Now before I begin, I want to make a note about sex. Sexuality issues are deeply important as they are part of the human condition. Despite what people feel sex is or what it's role in one's life should's an important topic to discuss in the context of religion, sexuality, and spirituality. 

Christianity is about three things:

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Do all things with a servants heart.

And in all things, motive is as important as the action.

And more generalized, to be as Christ, in that you acquire qualities and behaviors associated with Christ, hence the word Christ-ian. One who is like Christ.

So what does this all mean? Love your neighbor as yourself speaks for itself...basically, don't be a dick to others if you don't want them to be a dick back to you...pretty easy peasy reasoning there. (excuse the blunt language, but seriously, it speaks for itself).

The second thing is to be humble in your accomplishments, your charity, your piety, and your interactions with others. This embeds in your heart that whatever action you engage in, it should be for the right reason. If you do an action or act and brag about it, it shows you did it for yourself and not for others. Examples of when this was said: When you pray, do it in private. When you give, give anonymously, when you are generous, do so with a humble heart.

Thirdly, motive is as important as action. When you act in our world, you should act for the purpose of the greater good of man, and not the greater good of you. Sometimes this is hard to do, no question there. And to bring a point that is so relevant to our lives: Sex. Sex is something that is vilified as dirty, w
rong, immoral, etc. And I wholly reject this line of reasoning because sex is a mutual act between two consenting people. When I engage with someone intimately, I want a connection, I want to pleasure them and give them a sense of serenity and peace and love and preciousness that I would hope would be given to me as well. And I'll be honest, it doesn't always work out that way. But perhaps one thing we should all ask ourselves when we have are we valuing our partner as a human being? Are we doing unto them emotionally and physically as we would have them do unto us? In our hearts are we using them for gratification, or are we growing close to each other as human beings? It's a question to ask ourselves every time we make love to another person, whether hetero or homosexual. It doesn't really matter which.

Now, don't misread me, you are welcome to have sexual encounters in any way that suits you, but for the Christian, these questions bear consideration as the primary purpose of the Christian is service, tolerance, and charity...and in all our activities are we engaging every aspect of our lives with that lens over our eyes.

Now, there are MANY aspects of Christianity that would disagree with my point of view profusely, and as one who grew up in a very evangelical fundamentalist home who has since rejected emphatically that view of the world and that view of Christianity, I will say that what is important to me is to read the words of Jesus as dictated in the Gospels (usually in red), reject what is unreasonable or outdated, and embrace the values expressed that enrich you as a human being. The stuff about the end times or the rapture nonsense and really should just discarded as unimportant really. The here and now is important. Based on my life-long study of scripture, and my personal experiences, and my comprehension of the spirit of the faith...these are the values I have determined are most important to me. So, when evaluating this question, it really comes down to you deciding what works for you. But the key element that is 100% most important is allowing people to do as they want to do, to not harass them, to not hate them or condemn them, to not judge them, and most definitely to NOT harm them in any form. If your religion calls on you to harm others...whether that be psychologically, physically, emotionally or spiritually...then your religion is garbage.

Tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree with me. Haters will be deleted, Zealots will be blocked, and bigots will be scowled at profusely. Be respectful in your comments. 

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