Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Bible and Politics

As always, these blog posts begin as Facebook Status updates where I get on a roll and rant:

Many have asked me how I can hold my views about social, economic, and political issues and still be "Christian". Ok, it's a fair question. I'm pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, a low-grade feminist, I believe in equal rights, the social safety net, that justice should be just and fair, that wages should be fair, and that people who try deserve another chance to succeed. But I also believe in working hard, doing your best, and believing that one's effort is rewarded by abundance. 

So what does that mean for my beliefs? It says that I'm capable of having political views that aren't weighed by the views of a few narrow-minded people who read The Bible like stereo instructions. Who interpret the words of a 66-book cannon which was complied by a group of Catholic Monks in 367 A.C.E. That I'm capable of reading The Bible in the context and times and cultures for which it was written, and that I'm scholarly enough to understand the difference between Jesus' spoken words (The Red Letters), and the words spoken by people who were observing events through the lens of their time and culture or people (The Old Testament) or people writing post-Jesus commentary related to the events and circumstances in which life placed them (The Letters and Epistles). It means I understand that Biblical literalism is one of the most heinous lies of this generation ever observed to this date. And, I understand that the only document purported to be written directly by God is the 10 Commandments (See Exodus), and the only thing that is says is Worship God by these rules, and Don't be dicks to each other (excuse the harsh language, but it's to make a sharp and pointy point.) 

And finally what it means is that Christians everywhere need to wake up and cast off these jerks, these false "prophets" who claim to have God's ear. Who claim to speak as though they're the Pope, or Jesus himself. Who steal your money to enrich themselves, and fill your mind with dogmatic falsehoods. Who pit you against the very poor people as lazy or sinful or corrupt or faggots. Guess what fellow “believers”…THOSE ARE WHO YOU SERVE! YOU SERVE THE UNDERPRIVILEGED! The call of The Great Commission is to go unto all the world baptizing those in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Not to conquer in Jesus' Name, not to berate, or oppress or judge or condemn or to steal, kill, and destroy. And most definitely not to force compliance of a warped version of Christianity that is fraudulent, cruel, and oppressive.

Christianity is not a club, it's not a mace or a morning star or a broad sword. It's a scroll, it's a vision, it's a purpose, and most greatly, it's a message of hope for all mankind. Your only job is to live that hope, and be there for when someone asks you about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Live and let live, but help others live better too by following Jesus’ example; through his demonstrations of love, compassion, hope, and justice. If you can't do that, then you're not a Christian that I recognize.

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