Sunday, September 22, 2013

God: Sometimes a Flood is Just a Flood

Colorado had one of the worst periods of flooding in over 1000 years according to climatologists and the oral histories of various native peoples who lived in that area before we "moved" in. Immediately after that event had concluded, but before the water even had time to recede, neo-conservatives jumped to the air waves blaming gays and abortion and "The Liberal Agenda" for provoking "God's Wrath".  This has the intent of inciting anger against liberals.  Furthermore, it's designed to deceive others into thinking and voting a particular way.

One of the biggest lies going around right now in Christian Circles is that God punishes the whole for the actions of a few. If we are to reason that God is a just god, and that God is the greatest of judges, and that we reasonably can say that judges' roles are to be arbiters of justice...then explain to me the logic of this: I'm going to smite the whole nation because a few people do this, or a few people do that. How is that justice? How is that judgment? How is that fair? God is the god of fair, the god of just, the god of equality and reason, God is the god of rational thinking. 

The 1720s, 1820s, and 1920s taught us one thing: That Christianity is about that personal relationship with Jesus, that that relationship is the centerfold of the Christian Faith, and that you literally make your own bed with whatever behaviors you engage in or do or whatever. The hell you live in is the one you create for yourself through your choices. So again, I believe 100% that God does not punish the nation because of the actions of a few. I believe it to be greatly contrary to the spirit and purpose of Christianity, as well as a viscous lie to instill fear in others. And as we know, God does not instill in us a spirit of fear. 

So is it reasonable to say that the premise of God punishing our nation for whatever is a lie of the enemy to deceive and to instill fear in others? Could it be that it is used as a manipulation tactic to get neo-conservatives elected? And is it reasonable to say that such inflammatory rhetoric accomplishes nothing except to manipulate those that are less informed, less grounded, and less secure about life into voting and thinking a certain way? Yes, it is. God does not punish us.   We do a pretty good job of that on our own. He (Jesus) waits there patiently for us to return TO him ready to start over. He doesn't pound us into the pavement til we say "Mercy, you win, I give up."

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