Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Republicans Going the Way of the Dinosaur

If Republicans hope to salvage what's left of their credibility and legitimacy, then the members of the party are going to have to take bold steps.  Often times Republicans these days are characterized by their very loud red-neck cousins who have about as much good sense as a long-tailed cat who lives in a store full of rocking chairs.  However, I know for a fact that there are well-meaining truly educated Republicans out there who see their party crashing and burning around them.  These middle-of-the-road Republicans, or also called moderates, are the only hope for restoring the Republicans to a state where they can effectively govern and debate with Democrats.

Right now, we see a party that is literally embroiled in their own mini-culture war.  There are wings of the party who teeter on economic Libertarian Fascists who value their idealism more than governing.  Rand Paul, self-proclaimed Libertarian who labels himself a Republican repeatedly pushes and advocates for policy that would eliminate taxation, regulation, and public support of vital industries and ventures such as education and unemployment.  Then there's This wing of the party would dismantle every single arm of the government, leaving us at the mercy of huge corporations to have their way with the public like a dog having it's way with it's stuffed animal chew toy.

There are a couple of far-fetched solutions that might bring some sanity back to the House.  If the Democratic House Caucus could court 18 Moderate Republicans who are thoroughly disgusted with the Tea Party Caucus, provide them some incentives to caucus with Democrats, then Democrats could shift the balance of power into the hands of Democrats.  This would allow a majority of the desperately needed legislation to pass with some bipartisan support.  The speakership would be reopened to election in the House, and house committees would be reshuffled to reflect the new coalition majority with some Republicans being given chairmanships, as well as some moderate legislation being pushed to the floor for a vote.  This House could salvage the extremely frayed and destroyed image of the House and restore it to the institution it should be.  One that passes laws, pays the bills, and moves the legislative process forward.

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